What is Cardinal Tutors?

Cardinal Tutors is a dedicated group of current and former Stanford students who are hand-picked not only for their academic expertise, but more importantly for their ability to teach others. Our approach ensures that every student benefits from a personalized curriculum and achieves his or her academic goals. Because many of our tutors are current students themselves, they can uniquely relate to the challenges of today’s middle and high school student. Cardinal Tutors is committed to helping our students build the confidence and the skill set to succeed now and for the rest of their lives.

"Cardinal Tutors really helped my daughter finish high school strong. She was a strong student, and she needed a strong tutor who could help her with relatively complex math. I was really impressed with her tutor’s mastery of calculus and his ability to help her immediately. She came back from each session with renewed confidence and competence, and ended up with a solid ‘A’ in the class."
Parent, Sacred Heart Schools
"Cardinal Tutors provided me with the strategies to learn material efficiently and approach test questions critically, which made it possible to turn difficult courses into manageable ones. The lessons I learned from Cardinal Tutors have proven to be equally useful in my undergraduate studies."
Student, Gunn High School