At Cardinal Tutors, all of our tutors are experts in their field and current or former Stanford students. We believe that the best tutoring results are achieved when you combine experts in the subject matter with a program individually tailored to the student’s needs. Over the past 4 years, Cardinal Tutors and our students have been able to achieve remarkable results together because of this simple philosophy. At Cardinal Tutors, all of our tutors share two common connections: (1) all Cardinal Tutors are current or former students of Stanford University, and (2) all tutors have extensive experience tutoring various education levels. Here is a small sampling of some of the tutors we have available at Cardinal Tutors:

I am a second year Masters/PhD student in the department of Electrical Engineering at Stanford University. I graduated from Northwestern University Summa Cum Laude in 2007 with a B.S. in Electrical Engineering. My areas of expertise are physics (including mechanics, electromagnetics, thermodynamics and quantum mechanics) and mathematics (including algebra, geometry, calculus, and probabilistic systems). I have experience teaching Saturday classes in Algebra, Geometry, and Robotics. I enjoy sharing my passion for Science and Mathematics with those who are excited about exploring the fields.
I am a fourth year undergraduate student in the history department at Stanford University. My specialization is 19th-century American history. I have extensive experience working in news/marketing roles at organizations such as ABC News and CNN. My skills include essay organization for History and English as well as test prep for SAT Verbal and Writing. I spent a summer working as a Reading and Writing Workshop teacher in New York City’s Breakthrough Collaborative and believe strongly that a great teacher should be able to make learning a subject fun and engaging.

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