Cardinal Tutors is known for our individualized test preparation programs. We partner with our students to create a personalized program that enables students to achieve the best test results possible.
Our tutors not only know these tests inside and out, but also are well-­versed in optimal test-­taking strategies. We begin by evaluating the student’s strengths, weaknesses, and goals. We then work one­-on­-one to change the student’s test-­taking habits for the better, forever. 

We currently offer test preparation for the following standardized tests: PSAT, SAT, SAT subject tests, ACT, and ISEE. Our customized test preparation curriculum has helped students set high standards and reach them. To learn more about how Cardinal Tutors can help your child achieve all of his or her academic goals, click the “Get Started” button on the right.


While not an indicator of a student’s ability to learn, the SAT is an important differentiator in today’s competitive college admissions environment. For that reason, we have built a SAT preparation program that focuses on one thing: results. The SAT is not as much about knowledge, but rather an exercise in pattern recognition and problem-solving strategies.

Our tutors are equipped with in­-depth knowledge of the best SAT test-­taking strategies. These strategies have been known to significantly raise students’ scores. To learn how we can help your child get the score they want, contact us!


Similar to the SAT, the ACT is an important differentiator for college admissions. Unlike the SAT, the ACT is comprised of 5 sections: English, Reading, Math, Science, and Writing. With such a broad array of topics and levels, extensive preparation is necessary.

Cardinal Tutors can prepare students to successfully conquer each of the topics on the ACT while managing the challenging time restrictions. Our tutors create an individualized plan according to the student’s needs, strengths, and weaknesses. Since ACT content is unpredictable and test time is limited, our ACT preparation program places an emphasis on ACT-­specific test strategies.

These strategies have been known to significantly raise students’ scores. To learn how we can help your son or daughter get the score they want, contact us!

SAT Subject Tests

At Cardinal Tutors we require that all of our tutors be subject matter experts. When assisting a student with SAT Subject Test preparation, our tutors will begin by administering a diagnostic test. This will allow the tutor to create an individualized plan according to the student’s needs, strengths, and weaknesses. Not only will the tutor ensure that the student learns the material, but also that he or she masters critical test-­taking strategies.

Because SAT Subject Tests cover a year or more of subject matter, we recommend that the student begin studying far in advance. There are many Subject Tests to choose from, but all fall into one of five categories: Math, Science, Languages, History, or English. Our tutors can also advise your student on Subject Test selection. See Academic Coaching for more details.


The PSAT is an abridged version of the SAT taken by Sophomores and Juniors. While schools may tell students that they should not prepare for the test, these scores are important. Not only will a student’s PSAT score provide an idea of what that student’s SAT score may be, but PSAT scores are also used for the National Merit Scholarship competition.

While the same preparation that a student would need to do for the SAT is not required, we do recommend that a student prepares.


Most Bay Area private schools require the ISEE as an entrance exam, and the ISEE will likely be the first major standardized test that a student will take. It is important to note that the ISEE tests at a higher level than what has been learned in the classroom, and can only be taken every 6 months. Therefore, it is crucial to prepare extensively for the exam in order to get it right the first time.

Students who take the ISEE without preparation are startled by a test with such rigid time restrictions and unfamiliar concepts. Our tutors work hard to make sure that does not happen. Cardinal Tutors gives students the subject matter knowledge and test-­taking strategies necessary to excel on the ISEE.

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