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We have used Cardinal Tutors for over 4 years for two of my sons in different courses: Algebra, Pre-Calculus, and Calculus. Neil at Cardinal Tutors has always been attentive to finding the right personality to fit the needs of my two different sons. We also found them to be flexible and understanding about scheduling. When your kid needs a session to help with a big test: they need a session!
The tutors themselves have been great: well-prepared, thoughtful and on-time. At each level of math needed, we found these Stanford students to be not just helpful tutors but great mentors as well. I not only would recommend them, I have recommended them to several friends and never heard a complaint. This is a first class operation.

Parent, Portola Valley

We had a great experience with Cardinal Tutors. They helped my daughter with math and science. It was great to find a couple of really smart young women who helped not only with the subject matter, but became great role models. We feel so fortunate to be close to Stanford and able to use such great tutors. Highly recommend them!

Parent, Palo Alto High School

Tynan was incredible. He was a huge reason Kennedy got through advanced pre-algebra with an A-.

Parent, Palo Alto High School

Fiona was super, and Aidan benefited a lot from the tutoring and the mentorship.

Parent, Palo Alto High School

Cardinal Tutors really helped my daughter finish high school strong. She was a strong student, and she needed a strong tutor who could help her with relatively complex math. I was really impressed with her tutor’s mastery of calculus and his ability to help her immediately. She came back from each session with renewed confidence and competence, and ended up with a solid ‘A’ in the class.

Parent, Sacred Heart Schools

Cardinal Tutors was awesome! They really designed a personal program for me that helped me achieve more than I thought I could.

Student, Gunn High School

We had a great experience with Cardinal Tutors. we had multiple tutors and they helped my daughter with math and physics. Thanks for everything!

Parent, Bay School

Cardinal Tutors really helped me during the stress of college applications. Their flexible program and efficient study habits allowed me to maintain my high grades and succeed.

Student, Palo Alto High School

Cardinal Tutors provided me with the strategies to learn material efficiently and approach test questions critically, which made it possible to turn difficult courses into manageable ones. The lessons I learned from Cardinal Tutors have proven to be equally useful in my undergraduate studies.

Student, Gunn High School